Trabuco Canyon

Reset Entire Spanish Tile Roof on 3400 Square Foot Home and power washing entire tile roof afterwards.
Outstanding work from start to finish! Great team with David Brunn, our main contact, and his crew, Manuel and his three brothers. The crew were hardworking, thorough, and very professional. They showed up on time everyday and cleaned up at the end of each day, picking up nails and sweeping. They began work on Monday and finished on Saturday with power washing our entire Spanish tile roof. The roof now looks brand new. Before they began the job, they covered our pool and patio furniture with heavy gauge plastic. They took up all roofing tiles, replaced dry rotted wood, placed a double layer of roofing paper, replaced broken Spanish tiles with new tiles (in areas which are not obvious from the street), replaced facia boards on our boxed in eaves which they painted to match our house trim, put in new drip edge metal and painted galvanized pipe flashing. They carefully removed our huge skylight to make sure there was a tight seal. We just had a downpour two days ago and no leak. Plus when they power washed the roof, the skylight did not leak. We were concerned about the mess that power washing the roof would be, because our home is 25 years old and the roof has never been power washed before and the tiles were very dirty. This crew knew what it was doing and nothing got into our pool which is fairly close to the house. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the crew. Their workmanship was top notch but they also were so hardworking and I believe we picked the hottest week in the year to get our roof done. Do not hesitate to use Above it All Roofing to redo your roof. Our roof was in such bad shape but we did not know it until they started showing us all the dry rot. Let the rain come now!