San Marino

Tile roof leak repair. Remove tile from leak area, rebuilt chimney seal. Remove tile from Valley and check leaks and repair. Replace broken
tiles on entire roof. Seal and repair plumbing vents.
Member Comments: The company was very helpful and work was done well. I needed the work done quickly since the leak from the roof was causing
extensive water leak into the kitchen. The company came on a Saturday morning and did the repair. The work was through and quick. They finished in couple of hours and cleaned up the area. I was impressed by how well the work was done and how they took care of cleaning up the place once
they were done. I had in addition to the leak many broken tile which they replaced. I would highly recommend this place for their
professionalism. I do have mention that i did get a quote from another company that was cheaper. It did not seem like the work was exactly the
same. I went with this company primarily because of the reviews I have read on Angie’s list despite the cost to be higher. I think the higher
cost was for the more extensive repair work done. After March there has been several raining days and i have to say the roof passed with flying colors. This is a repair well done. I would use them again and I think you should all consider them.