Rancho Palos Verdes

Tore off old roof (comp. single over wood shake), installed new comp. shingle roof over 1750 sq. ft. one story home including Gaco roofing material over a 100 sq. ft. flat roof, built a custom mini-roof for my basketball goal mount on the garage, replaced damaged wood, installed 12 new vents, new chimney cricket, painted all metal, new edge metal too.

Price was the best of 4 bids.  Warrenty on labor and materials was the best of 4 bids.  Work started and finished as promised schedule.  Permits filed without issues.  Adjusted final cost for damaged wood replacements as agreed in advance.  The ONLY negative is that I found significantly more nails around the property than I expected, but they came back and took care of most of those with they returned to address the touch ups noticed in the final walk around inspection.