Palos Verdes Estates

I had previously used this company for a roof tune up and they had done a good job.  I wanted to change my roof drainage system from roof drains to a traditional gutter system.  I contacted Above It All Roofing to come out and provide me with a quote to do so.  Jay Gioia came out  to evaluate the situation and provide me with a quote.   The job involved sealing the existing roof drains, doing some waterproofing repair work on the roof, extending the roof tiles to edge of roof, and replacing water damaged wood and facia.  He also met with the company doing the gutters and coordinated that part of the job with his part of the job.  His team was excellent.  They provided some recommendations for additional improvements to the roof line which I thought were great and I accepted their bid.  They completed the job in the estimated time of 2 days and did a fantastic job.  I highly recommend this company.