Palos Verdes Estates

Jay, of Above it All, is a very nice, responsive, trustworthy, and considerate person–there’s no doubt about this. His workers were good, too.
I am overall very satisfied with working with Above it All, but I would suggest if you hire them to make sure your aesthetic expectations are in sync with the workers’ sense of what you want/expect, and make sure Jay knows so the work is executed accordingly. For my project, the workers used too much cement to affix the Spanish tiles on the roof area facing the front yard. I attribute this to there being different workers doing different parts of the roof over time. By the time I noticed, it was pretty much too late. The rest of the roof had more consistently and thinly laid cement. When I informed Jay about it, I had a sense he would have been willing to have the part of the roof in question relaid to satisfy me, or to work out some other arrangement, but I didn’t ask for that. I am happy we got away with paying short-money for a roof that is waterproof and is guaranteed longer than all of the higher bidders. If I had defined what I wanted in the scope of work, I am sure Jay and his workers would have done it exactly as I wanted. I totally recommend that you get multiple (+4) quotes–seeing the disparity of the quotes I received makes me think there is A LOT of wiggle room for contractors working on roofs. Above it All seemed to offer a reasonable price for a reasonable job. No smoke. No mirrors. No scare tactics.