The re-roofing of the whole house was done very professionally with Above it all Roofing.  The project manager,  Jay G.  is very honest,  no hidden fees,  courteous,  prompt,  and he put me at ease with his great sense of humor.  From the demolition of the old roof to the installation of the new roof,  we did not have a single problem.  When I could not decide what color or what the color would look like when its up there,  Jay patiently looked for the same color roof house that they did,  gave me the address so I can see it installed.  We are so happy with our roof and it went just so smoothly.  I would recommend Above it All Roofing to my whole family and friends.  Just ask for Jay G.   We give them a score of A+ . The price is also very reasonable comparing it to the four other estimates I got from other companies. 

From the get go,  Jay, the project manager,  is very professional,  prompt, patient in explaining all the steps of replacing our roof from the old original wood shingles to the Presidential Shake TL.  Jay was not pushy,  he put me at ease knowing that since it is my first time to handle our re-roofing  ( my husband who used to take care of all these,  had a stroke three years ago ).  Before I finally went with Above it all Roofing,   I had four estimates from different companies.  However,  none of them really explained to me what was supposed to be done,  what they will put up there,  etc.  With Above it all Roofing,  Jay came to the house and the first thing I noticed was that he was very courteous,  very patient and explained how everything is going to be done from demolition to putting up the new roof.   Needless to say,  the roof is the most imposrtant and the most expensive to put up,  and we are very happy we went with Jay of the Above it all Roofing.  I would recommend him to my family,  friends,   etc.   The roof looks beautiful and all our neighbors say that they really did a good job.  I would grade them  A+ .