There is only one place to call if you need to repair the roof and leaks in your ceiling and that is the Above It All Roofing, Inc. Ask for David Brunn specifically to come out and help diagnose your issues and he’ll give you the best deal out here, (don’t even waste your time there are a ton of losers out there some very rude and unprofessional who will charge double what these guys charge). David is a very honest stand up guy, one you can trust right away and he even helps diagnose other areas of your house that you may have issues with. He noticed that we have termites and a rotting issue as well. I would only call Above It All Roofing , Inc. and David in particular and I highly suggest you guys do too for all your roofing needs. Unless you want to pay double or more for inferior work and be talked down to like the competition does out there.