North Tustin

Dear potential customer.

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Michael Allen and Above It All Roofing.

With the expense of replacing a roof and the concern for quality workmanship, it becomes a difficult task to research and locate someone you can trust, and will still trust long after the job is done.

At the beginning of this year we needed to replace the roof on an aging large ranch-style home that had 2 or 3 existing roof layers in quite a state of disintegration.  Along with the need to ‘sheet’ the roof, we had extensive termite and dry-rot damage to the facial board and rafter ends which we were aware of before engaging Michael Allen’s services.

Michael was thorough in his analysis and explained all the work to be done in detail.  He explained the type of sheeting and weight of felt-paper to be used and why.  Through this process I realized that he doesn’t cut corners and uses only the type of quality materials that he would use on his own home.

Michael also paid attention to detail.  Old roof vents were replaced and, along with the vent pipes, were painted to match the roof.  And, although removing and replacing a roof can be a messy job, his crew cleaned up everything before they vinished.

And the value?  Besides having a new worry-free roof, I also know that we received a very good price for high-quality materials and workmanship.  (Michael also provided some of the additional work at his cost due to the extensive facial replacement required.)

Quality, integrity, value and honesty are not words used to describe very many businesses these days, especially when talking about contractors; sad but true.  However, I do use these words to describe the way Michael Allen and Above It All Roofing do business.