Mission Viejo

In the middle of the night during recent heavy rains, a roof leak broke through our daughter’s bedroom and was leaking onto her bed. Of course when I started calling for someone to come look at the condition, it was Friday and still raining. A few services said they could not come out to the house until the following week. Above It All was the only one able to come out on the same day. They came in the afternoon, and while they were not able to repair the same day due to the rain, they covered and stopped the leaking. They ordered materials and came back a week later to do the repair. They did most work on a Saturday and even came back Sunday morning to finish the job. Cleaned up well and hauled all the old stuff away, including the huge solar panel. They also let us pay around 2 weeks later, once they got their credit card service up and running. Overall a great experience and the best possible ending to a potentially troublesome roof problem.