Long Beach

From the start, it was a pleasure to work with Above It All Roofing. I sent out a few messages to other Angie’s List contractors to see about getting a new roof for my single level home and detached garage. I received a few bids, and decided to go with Above It All Roofing.
The Project Manager, Scott Logan, was great to work with. He came out to do the original estimate. He was very professional, described the project, and answered all of the questions that I had. He provided me with a written estimate without any type of pressure sale tactics. He listened to the concerns that I wanted addressed, and was very easy to work with. After I received the written estimate from Scott, I decided to go with Above It All roofing. Prior to starting the job, Scott provided a brochure with the different types of roofing materials that we could choose from. We asked for two specific colors of materials, and Scott delivered them to our home the next day. He also provided the address of a couple of houses that were local so we could see the two colors that we had selected on an actual roof.
The crew was a little late to show up on the first day of the job. Scott, however, was there early. He assured me that the crew would be there, and get the work that they needed to get done that day as to not delay the finish date of the project. The tear off crew arrived later in the day, and proceeded to pull off the existing roof, as well as the damaged boards that were revealed once the old roof was pulled off. This was not a surprise to me, as Scott pointed out during the estimate that they wouldn’t know how bad the structure was under the roof until they pulled off the existing roof.
Scott told me that while he wouldn’t be there during the entire job each day of work, he would stop by to make sure that things were going to schedule, and address any concerns that I might have had. After each day of work, I would get an e-mail from Scott describing what the crew had accomplished, as well as how we were doing on the schedule. I was also able to go up on the roof each and every day during the work to see for myself how things were going. The work crew was pleasant to talk to, and they put up with me getting in their way so that I could see what they were doing on the roof. 
The job was completed on time, and on schedule. The roof came out great. I couldn’t be happier. One of the reasons that I went with Above It All Roofing for this job was that they took care of all of the permits required by the city. They also scheduled all of the inspections that were required, so I didn’t have to worry about any of that hassle. Another reason that I went with Above It All Roofing was their 10 year guarantee on labor. The roofing product that was installed has a lifetime guarantee, but the labor has a 10 year guarantee. Scott even assured me that if 15 years from now I have any trouble with the roof, they would come back and make things right, no questions asked.
I would not hesitate to recommend Above It All Roofing. They did a great job from start to finish, and I have no complaints.