Laguna Hills

Came out for a estimate for gutters, facia board repair and change roof flashing.
Jay declined the job. His concern was the type of roof that was installed was a type his workers were not acquainted with. Rather than try to attempt the job and cause damage to the property. He felt the best course of action was to refer me to other providers that may be able to do the job. I asked him if he would like to do the gutters if I used another roofer. He declined due to gutter portion because it was not a major component of his company, ( He is mainly a roofing contractor.) . He then referred me to a gutter service that he felt was very good. If had to break up the work between contractors. I really appreciated his honesty and knowledge. A professional knows what he can and cannot do. If I had to place a whole new roof on my house I would call him first to bid and the work. Jay is a real professional.