My wife and I searched Google, Yelp and Aggie List for the prospective roofing companies to assess our aging roof and to propose the right actions to repair the water damages, which we could see occurred at the corners of our roof. Instead of asking up for 6 companies for this job, as indicated by other reviews, we nailed it down to 2 companies only after extensive search. These 2 companies all have very good reviews to start with, and they came to look at our roof promptly and both came to the same conclusion that we needed a complete re-roofing. The project would replace the water-proofing felt layer and any broken tiles. Any water damaged or termite infested wood should be replaced also at pre-determined per foot price per category. These 2 companies bid were a little different. But ‘Above It All Roofing’ has a 10-year warranty, which my wife cares a lot. Then the sale person Dave made a big difference in the decision making. He was courteous and honest. We felt that could trust him. He worked hard to get our project and came to our house 2 times before we finally signed the contract with ‘Above It All Roofing’. Our project then was scheduled to start. The owner of the other company happened to know the owner of ‘Above It All Roofing’, Mike. Even after we notified him that we would go with ‘Above It All Roofing’, he still gave us good reference and blessing. So we felt good choosing the right company for our roof project. There were 5 people worked on our roof. They were nice and friendly, cleaned all debris at the end of the day before they left. Everything went smoothly. We were surprised that there was more wood damage than was expected earlier. Dave came here every day and showed us the damaged wood after it was replaced. We are happy with the work done and believe that an excellent review is what the company, their workers, and Dave deserve.