Hacienda Heights

Diagnosed the cause of the roof leak on my tile roof, then repaired it, installed two solar attic exhaust fans and one solar tube. I also appreciated the warranty, not always available on repairs.
I called Above it All expecting to be told I needed a whole new roof as previous roofers had stated. After their inspection, I was told there was a specific issue with the area around my 20 year old skylight. I decided to go for the repair, based on the evidence I was shown and given the fact that I would have a warranty. I also asked for two solar attic vents to replace my old electric ones and a solar tube for my hallway. Their crew came when scheduled, performed the work, and cleaned up afterward. The roof looks great (if they needed new tiles they would use tiles from the back of my house and replace those with the new ones that weren’t faded so front roof would look uniform). All went smoothly and I am 100% satisfied. Now we wait for a couple rainstorms to test it out.
I also asked about a solar tube for my living room but was very hesitant. Rather than pushing me to get one, the suggestion was made that I wait until the hall tube was installed to give me a better idea of what to expect. Afterwards there was no sales pitch but rather a validation of my decision to not proceed with it.
Solar Tube plus installation was 600.00. Repairs, tune-up and vents were 3895.00