Cowan Heights

Above-it-All roofing had reroofed our neighbors house several months before we were ready to have ours done. I contacted my neighbors and found they were very pleased with the quality of the work. Our goal was, as was our neighbors, was to have a roof that was attractive, reasonably priced, and above all leak free.

I contacted Dave Brunn from Above-it-All and scheduled a meeting to assess our needs in a new roof. Dave was prompt, and very knowledgeable Our meeting went well, and we scheduled to job to be done in the following weeks.

The work consisted of removing the existing roof, making necessary repairs, and then installing the new roof. The repairs included water and dry rot damage, insect damage, and the replacement of a large rafter that had broken under the weight of the existing roof.

Dave estimated the job would take about a week. It could have taken longer, and would have, except Dave stayed on top of the job. As a result the various crews showing up on time, and went about their work quickly and efficiently. At the end of each day the crew cleaned up trash and disposed of it. The job was completed on time.

It has been nearly a year since we had this work done. We have a roof that is attractive, and reasonably priced. Due to the current drought we have not experienced any heavy or severe rain to test for leaks, but we have had some strong winds. It is comforting not to hear shingles rattling or blowing off the house in the wind. We don’t expect to have any leaks, but if by some chance that happens, Dave will be the first to know about it.

Overall we are very pleased with our new roof