Jay the general manager visited me two years ago to give me a quote for my property. I own a duplex property that is my home as well as income property. Jay went through all the steps with me at that time and I told him what I needed remove and what needed repair such as skylights and an old chimney. He did not try to pressure me or anything. Two years later this past February I contacted Jay and let him know I was ready to start the work. I had to pick a different roof but it was higher grade and solar reflective for the same price.
The crew started the job of removing all the old roof and clearing the area. They worked faithfully everyday and replaced,repaired, and cleared all the items to be removed. After each day they would clean the area before they left and would let me know each day when they were going. I would address different issues as they came up and each time Jay and his crew would listen and try to resolve each issue. I am very pleased with the final product and the workmanship that went into the project. I have a lifetime warranty on my new roof and 10yrs. on the workmanship. I know if there are any problems in the future I can call Above It All Roofing and they will be there. Thanks again to Jay and his crew for the great job they did. All the worked was completed on March 14,2014 and Jay came on the 15th to receive my payment and to give me my warranties. Great Company I would recommend them to anyone. All my neighbors have stopped by to tell me how great it looks and they are right.