Removed one layer of asphalt shingles. Replaced extensive dry rot, termite damaged shiplap and rafter tail Replaced vents. Installed radiant heat barrier and new 2 x 8 fascia around entire house. David Brunn was our contact at Above It All Roofing. He was very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. He addressed our concerns and dealt with our requests. We were scheduled to begin work on this house in a few days when I changed my mind on the materials to be used. I picked a shingle that was a special order from back East and would take a couple of weeks to be shipped to our site. No problem for Dave. Excellent customer satisfaction was his priority. Job was rescheduled with no complaints or pressure. Helio was the job site foreman. He and his men did efficient, quality work. This work was done on a home built in 1964 and required a lot of repairs before the paper went down. The house originally had no fascia. After installing, this brought the roof line down, making the front of the house look out of scale. Even though Helio and his men were under pressure to complete repairs on the roof so that the inspector could sign off and paper could be applied, Helio immediately agreed that it didn’t look right. They removed the fascia, cut back the rafters and raised the roof line about one foot. Looked much better. This was the second house that I had Above It All Roofing replace within a few weeks. The first one was on a rental that I plan on keeping long term and this was on my home. Very happy with the results on both. All wood was supplied by a reputable lumber yard. Bring on the rain.